The TECHNICAL capability of our company was demonstrated in the wining of the SAIChE (South African Institute of Chemical Engineers) Neale-May Gold Medal in 2004 for the development of the novel SupraYield Process. Our MARKETING and industry knowledge has lead to the first international sale of a first of its kind technology within two years of inception of the company. Our focus on RELATIONSHIP lead to the successful collaboration work with the University.

During the start-up years, IFT focused on the development and selling of process technology licenses for the manufacture furfural, one of the oldest industrial chemicals made from corn cobs, sugar cane bagasse, oat hulls, etc. IFT assists their clients in the implementation of biomass conversion technology. Our team ..

.. a mix of engineers and scientist, project and marketing professionals, all of whom have a bio-based products background - delivers professional services that support a project from concept to commissioning.

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