Media Release:  Technology Top 100 Enterprise

7 December 2005 -- Durban, South Africa. Technology Top 100 (TT100) is South Africa's foremost business excellence awards program: "TT100 recognizes the way in which organisations use technology to achieve, more effectively, their own objectives, be they maximizing profits, gaining market share, creating niche markets or adding value for their investors, shareholders and/or trustees." (

In its first attempt, IFT have qualified in the 2005 awards program as a Technology Top 100 Enterprise: "The standard of entries was very high and you can rightfully take pride in the knowledge that your organisation achieved this prestigious level of recognition.

You may be aware that the Technology Top 100 accolade was introduced to allow for recognition of enterprises which are highly innovative and display great technology potential, and serves as the mark of excellence for the role-models in the management of technology and innovation." (Stephan J. Lamprecht, General Manager, Technology Top 100)

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